English Designed – Now what is that?

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So you’ve made it this far somehow, and now you’re looking for more details to what English Designed is all about. That makes us happy!

Well, here is it in one sentence:

English Designed helps Business English Trainers do their jobs more professionally, more efficiently, and in a more easily scaleable way.

We operate under the philosophy that Business English Trainers should strive to be just as much business professionals as the people they’re training. Simply put:

  • Professionals don’t do everything themselves, they contract out the jobs others can do better
  • Professionals strive for efficiency in time and task management
    That means not wasting time where money can do the job better
  • Professionals involve their clients wherever possible in the services being provided to them
  • Professionals elicit feedback from many sources to produce the best product
  • Professionals get better at their jobs so the services they provide improve

At ED we aim to help you with each of those points.

That means:

We create lesson plans in PDF and Powerpoint format so you do’t have to do it yourself.
This is usually the most time-consuming part of a language trainer’s work and there is simply no need to reinvent the wheel entirely yourself. Use our experience, take our ideas, benefit from the time we put in before you.

These ESL lesson plans are editable so, as you get better at your job, you can customise what you present to clients.

We provide Business EFL tools and tips how to use them so you’re gaining the benefit of us trying out lots of variations. We know what works and we’ll share that with you.

We write articles about the business side of language training, helping you to jump up the ladder of client types faster, which translates to more flexibility in scheduling, only taking the types of classes you want, and of course, moving up the pay scale.

The ED Brand: Professional…but pleasant

We don’t believe that professional and fun are mutually exclusive.

As we see it, the number 1 job of a language training to relax their clients so that they feel comfortable enough to make mistakes in front of their trainer.

With that in mind, we aim to be light-hearted but professional.

Hopefully that means our articles are not just informative, but they won’t bore you to the point of falling asleep as you read them. We believe that staying awake is an important part of learning, maybe even the most important part!

More to Come so Stay Tuned!

We’ve only just started this online journey of sharing our experiences and learning assets.

We’re committed to going through each of our English course PowerPoints slide by slide to make them easier to use by other trainers who are looking at them for the first time.

That means: it’ll take a while before the site is populated with our entire back-catalogue, but sign up to our Newsletter and you’ll be informed every time an article is published or a lesson plan hits our site.

Thanks so much for reading this far, you’re a diamond in the rough!

— ED Team

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