The English Designed Way

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English Designed was the brainchild of Timothy Higgs, a 12+ year veteran of the English as a Second Language industry.

The entire purpose of English Designed was simple:
To move ever closer to being able to measure, quantify and report back the level of a student’s language acquisition.

At present, language acquisition is a dark science. There are few, if any ways to measure a student’s progress in a meaningful way that provides direction to both learner and trainer.

English Designed will begin to fill those gaps first with methods and later with new technologies that will allow students and trainers to understand more exactly which parts of the language need work and which lessons were and are effective in creating progress.

“The job of a language instructor is two fold. First, to make their students comfortable enough that they’re able to make mistakes without judgement. And second, to help the student correct those mistakes in a meaningful way, in context, with sustainable language acquisition in mind.”
– Timothy Higgs

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